Bytes from the Bridge
Being Thankful - Looking back over 16 years

It's that time of year so many of us look forward to; celebrating with our family and friends around the dinner table, and thinking through how to hide those presents we'll be giving out soon. It's also that time when I look back and reflect on how Bridge360 became 16 years old last month. Please don't ask me where 16 years went; I can only say I'm blessed to continue leading an amazing group of people who share our common vision to build the finest software solutions for the best clients we could ever dream of working with. I thank each and every one of you showcase clients for trusting us these many years. We will continue to give you more than expected as my team and I find more ways to bring you success!


What We've Been Up To

This year the teams have been focused on some of the most interesting work imaginable! As many of you know we're often asked to solve some of the hardest puzzles our clients have in front of them; anything from system mergers resulting from acquisitions to innovating new engineering software for state-of-the art 3D printers, and so much more.

Bridge360 has never ascribed to selecting a specific business vertical as our primary specialty. Software is limitless which is why we serve clients across industries and functions. We welcome the diverse challenges of software development that automates online banking, adapts seamlessly to the addition of brands and products into inventory systems, and improves the performance of global telecommunication systems to name a few.

Our team has thrived as they solved a broad array of client issues. Over this past year, I have been delighted to witness their excitement and engagement as they launched into each sprint planning session. They have detected the unknown and solved the unimaginable. They have also been adept at adapting to our client's environments, languages and tools. (Think champion chameleons.) Can you tell I'm very proud of our team?

We recently rolled out our new website, putting our culture front and center on the home page. The Wordle you see there expresses everything we live by. And you'll see we've trimmed the verbiage down to focus on the highlights of our work. I welcome any feedback you would like to share, and am happy to connect over coffee with you anytime.

Activate a Testing Center of Excellence to Protect Business Assets

Most of you have been watching for that iPhone X to arrive on retail shelves, and like me, follow "tech toy" trends. I just love all the gizmos and gadgets that come along, especially at this time of year.

Speaking of 'toys' and 'trends', I've been following a multitude of conversations about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some of the science and technology greats (Hawking and Musk to name just two) have much to say about AI. They are part of several who caution that AI will eventually take away all jobs by the year 2050, and we have to be careful and cautious moving ahead with this development. I don't think we'll be cautious at all; when have we ever? Most of us like the idea of driverless cars, being able to hyperloop one day from Austin to Dallas in 5 minutes, and experiencing the feeling of weightlessness. Oh, the joys ahead of us. I just hope we're wise and TEST EVERYTHING WELL before implementation.

Speaking of testing, the team here at Bridge360 has been implementing Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE) for several clients. That seems like a mouthful, but it's actually quite simple. Like anything else, our approach is to break it down into palatable portions. Think of Centers of Excellence like a group of strong, connected building blocks. Each building block has its own mission to accomplish. One block might protect your intellectual property while another block removes communication redundancy. Another block might safely store your tools for the future when you need them. Another block might be where your strategic roadmaps are kept, and another block would be where you keep reporting activities and measurements. These building blocks are the strengths of your business, your competitive edge and your ability to provide the best client experience possible.

TCoEs are not the same as Malcolm Baldridge awards or J.D. Powers & Assoc. wins, but rather a centralized place where your best processes, tools, data and so much more are readily available across your organization. A robust TCoE ensures your best and brightest talent can perform at their highest level and deliver their finest through their experience and certifications. Here your software and tools, the best and most current necessary, are safely stored in your vault.

Here is a slide I think you will find very helpful. Begin thinking about what you value most and how you will nourish and keep that safe. Think about what irks you most and wish you could fix, and what you desire most for your customers. This thinking will help you begin your journey toward having your own Testing Center of Excellence.

Give me a call if you'd like to learn more over a cup of coffee!

Key Elements of a TCoE

Key Building BlocksKey Performance Indicators
  • People
  • Processes
  • Infrastructure and Tools
  • Knowledge Management
  • Reduce Time-to-delivery
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Lower Testing Costs
  • Improved Testing Effectiveness