Alchemy's Mission is to provide innovative solutions that efficiently and effectively train and educate the global workforce, thus increasing productivity and ensuring compliance. While their solutions are used in many industries, Alchemy's strongest impact has been made in the food manufacturing and processing arena. With the industry facing increasing regulations and standards, many companies have turned to Alchemy to help them provide the latest in training technology to meet the new demands. From Bridge360, Alchemy needed support in keeping up with growth demands around the globe.



The Goal: Internationalize Alchemy's Software Applications

Alchemy is a global leader of innovative technologies and services designed to align employee behavior with a company's quality and safety commitments. From farm to fork, Alchemy focuses on building successful safety cultures for large, diverse workforces. Over the last decade, Alchemy has partnered with its customers to increase productivity, ensure regulatory compliance, foster safe working environments, and produce quality products. As a result of the expanding global marketplace for Alchemy's services, companies are requesting the support of multiple languages with online learning platforms; which made Internationalizing our Web Application a must.
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The Challenge: Internationalization in a Proprietary Framework

Internationalizing the Alchemy product was a major undertaking and extra resources were essential to achieve the goal. Bridge360 was brought in to expand the Alchemy engineering team and provide Internationalization expertise. Alchemy also has a unique infrastructure with a proprietary framework, the nuances of which the Bridge360 team had to immediately learn and understand.

"The Bridge360 team was productive from the start. They learned our complex environment and the application rather quickly and became contributors early on," said Rick Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer for Alchemy Systems. "We utilized their resources for both developing the code and also for Quality Assurance."

"The Bridge360 team

was productive from the

start. They learned our

complex environment

and the application

rather quickly and

became contributors

early on."

Our Steps to Success: Solid Requirements, Great Resources

Alchemy split the effort into multiple phases so that changes introduced to the end customers could be minimized. The Bridge360 team brought in experienced engineers to help with all phases. This accelerated efforts, allowing the Alchemy team to incorporate other features within the product while the Internationalization process was occurring in tandem.

To accelerate the on-boarding process, the Bridge360 team provided test automation for both Unit and Regression Tests, having actively participated in the Agile Process, which included Sprint Planning, Stand-ups, and Demos. The Bridge360 team is now fully engaged with both developing code and testing.

Solid Requirements

Great Resources


The Result: Increased Efficiency, Quality and Support

The Bridge360 team adapted to the Alchemy processes and environment very quickly and became an integrated part of the team, ultimately increasing efficiency in the process. The first few Internationalization phases have been deployed and Alchemy continues to deliver a quality application to its customers with on-going support from Bridge360.