When you’re the global leader in PC blade servers, your first move into a foreign market has to be as sharp and precise as your products. And when you need to ensure that your product design will function across multiple worldwide systems, it helps to have an experienced guide who knows the best practices. Bridge360 helped ClearCube navigate several product releases around the world, providing on-site quality assurance that resulted in a smooth deployment and a happy customer.


Testing & QA

The Global Leader in PC Blade Solutions

As the pioneer of the PC blade market, ClearCube Technology, Inc., is the industry’s leading provider of true PC virtualization and centralized computing solutions that integrate blades, access devices and client management software to give organizations full control over end-user computing. Organizations deploying ClearCube gain 99.9 percent uptime, hardened security and extra workspace while reducing support costs by more than 40 percent.

The Goal: Deliver a Flagship Product

Bridge360 began working with ClearCube in early 2005. Originally brought on to evaluate a product design, Bridge360 teamed with the ClearCube software development team to create a seamless user interface for Sentral, the company’s international flagship PC blade management software suite launched in 2006. Bridge360 provided guidance that ensured the product design would function across multiple worldwide systems, including preparing UI mock-ups used to solicit customer feedback for the Japanese version of Sentral. By engaging Bridge360 early in the design process and learning the best practices for international software development, ClearCube was able to avoid common pitfalls and get the Japanese version to market quickly and efficiently.

An International Windows Fix

Recently, ClearCube was having difficulties getting Japanese keyboards to work with one of its PC Blades when using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop feature. Through Bridge360’s expertise in both quality assurance and international software, the team tested numerous hardware and software configurations and determined the problem resided in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop software. Bridge360 then worked with ClearCube, Microsoft USA and Microsoft Japan to develop a solution. The result? A Windows Hotfix, Microsoft Knowledge Base article, KB906693, and another happy customer.

"The Bridge360 team supported our Sentral software launch there, and our clients are delighted with our international support.

We're glad to have Bridge360 as part of our team."

Rick Hoffman, CEO of ClearCube Technology

The Results: Happy clients, new customers around the world

Bridge360’s development expertise in internationalizing software helped ClearCube acquire new business in Japan and launch several product releases over the past several years with on-site quality assurance services to support the team.

"I know I can count on Bridge360 to send highly qualified personnel to fill the occasional testing spikes that can sometimes occur, and to collaborate and support our quality strategies."

Jeff Jilg, Director of Technology Services, ClearCube Technology